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ChangeLabs’ powerful innovation approach, System Acupuncture, brings about systemic transformation in the contexts of challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. System Acupuncture™ is a multi-faceted approach that leverages a number of disciplines involved in large scale system change.

Some of these disciplines include:

  • Systems Leadership
  • Systems Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Resilience Theory
  • Behaviorally Informed Design
  • Theory of Scale
  • 4th Sector Business Models
  • 4th Industrial Revolution Technology platforms
  • Organization Design
  • Platform Thinking



  • It employs a deeply human-centered Design Thinking approach, behavior change tools, and social psychology theories.

  • It investigates integrated causal chains that drive system behavior, to spot leverage points, and the key driving dynamics for large-scale change.

  • It does not shy away from simultaneously looking at multiple system layers (governance, infrastructure, technology, human behavior, business models, and situational constraints).

  • It recognises the need for organizational change and capacity building as inevitable components of any transformational initiative aimed at scaled impact.

  • Brings together partners of diverse perspectives to create new thinking, new classes of solutions, and new implementation partners.


"The ChangeLabs Methodology helped us create a whole different human-centered approach to tackling our timeliest issues: debt, lack of financial inclusion, and affordability of college."  -- Chris Avila Hübschmann, Founder & CEO, CreditDo



We are sharing System Acupuncture through System Transformation Masterclass Series with people who are looking to make systemic change through their organization. This Masterclass Series is designed to equip leaders and decision makers with a holistic set of techniques, perspectives, and mindsets to play in the systems arena, when change, uncertainty, and scale are important factors.

This is a Masterclass is for highly motivated strategists, leaders, managers, and decision makers, who want to make change in challenge spaces that are dynamic, multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder, and require innovative solutions.

Module I System Acupuncture I: Rethinking innovation and leadership in an era of change and uncertainty introduces the fundamentals of System Acupuncture - what the systems perspective is and how to look at change, how to understand system dynamics, how to identify where to influence the system, how to innovate a high level strategy into an actionable plan.

Module II System Acupuncture II: Designing the Scale Advantage is focused on designing interventions for scale - what it means to make non-linear change, what levers can be used to achieve scale, how to effectively leverage behavior change for scaled impact.

Module III System Leadership: New mindsets, decision frames, and capacities to drive system transformation is focused on developing a new form of leadership that is required in operating in complex systems - what capabilities are required, how to facilitate genuine multi-stakeholder engagement in a systems context, how to structure a platform for organic collaborations and win-win strategies.

in 2018, Modules II and III will be offered together on September 24-25 and 27-28. Registrations are currently open! Visit the event page for System Leadership at Scale to register.