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ChangeLabs’ powerful innovation approach, System Acupuncture, brings about systemic transformation in the contexts of challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. System Acupuncture™ is a multi-faceted approach that leverages a number of disciplines involved in large scale system change.

Some of these disciplines include:

  • Systems Leadership
  • Systems Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Resilience Theory
  • Behaviorally Informed Design
  • Theory of Scale
  • 4th Sector Business Models
  • 4th Industrial Revolution Technology platforms
  • Organization Design
  • Platform Thinking



  • It employs a deeply human-centered Design Thinking approach, behavior change tools, and social psychology theories.

  • It investigates integrated causal chains that drive system behavior, to spot leverage points, and the key driving dynamics for large-scale change.

  • It does not shy away from simultaneously looking at multiple system layers (governance, infrastructure, technology, human behavior, business models, and situational constraints).

  • It recognises the need for organizational change and capacity building as inevitable components of any transformational initiative aimed at scaled impact.

  • Brings together partners of diverse perspectives to create new thinking, new classes of solutions, and new implementation partners.


"The ChangeLabs Methodology helped us create a whole different human-centered approach to tackling our timeliest issues: debt, lack of financial inclusion, and affordability of college."  -- Chris Avila Hübschmann, Founder & CEO, CreditDo