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Creating Meaningful Driving Experiences


ChangeLabs worked with Bosch's Car Experiences team ­– a group in charge of shaping the future of in-car experiences – to generate a genuinely innovative, game-changing experiential system. Bosch is a global engineering company, and their automotive department supplies sub-systems to all the major players in the automotive industry.

The size of the global fleet of cars is in excess of 750 million. People's experience in their cars has changed in many ways, and yet at a fundamental level, the time spent in a car adds little to one’s life, one's sense of contentedness, or the environment. Yet Americans spend more than 15 hours driving per week, and consume 19% of their meals in their car.


In-car experiences are changing fast. There is an unprecedented layer of information and connectivity that has become available with technologies such as GPS, connectivity to the internet, Bluetooth connection to cell phones, sophisticated dashboards, cloud computing, and sensors. 

The intent of this project was to use this new layer of information to redefine the in-car experience. Given the ubiquity of information and multimedia technology, it is difficult to avoid creating flashy, indulgent, or “technology-push” experiences, rather than helping to create meaningful experiences. Behavioral studies show that experiential cues, feedback systems, and framing of information have deep influences on people's patterns of behavior and their level of contentedness.


A team was asked to design an in-car experience for drivers and passengers that would change their behavior, increase their wellness, and reduce their carbon footprint. The team worked on a concept, strategy, and plan to enable genuine value-creation on multiple fronts, while creating a paradigm that served as a blue ocean business strategy for Bosch in the economy, mid-size, and premium vehicle segments.