undertaking a diverse set of research and industry projects.

ChangeLabs has an organizational structure that represents next generation knowledge networks.


Our powerful innovation methodology, called the Deep Change Model, brings about systemic transformation in the contexts of challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. Our model has a theoretical basis, a process architecture, and a set of tools. 


We work on a variety of large-scale projects across disciplines and departments. Our work has a global reach. We continually partner with organizations and companies to exchange intellectual insights, and focus on three main core areas:


1) Transformative industry initiatives and projects


We are incubating, designing, and launching new models with external industry and academic partners to create wide-scale change. ChangeLabs works with private companies, governments, research institutions, philanthropic foundations, and think-tanks. 


Tackling industry projects with our external partners allows us to ensure that our methodologies draw from real-world contexts and conditions. These real-world projects also serve as petri dishes with feedback loops for emerging methodologies. We call these initiatives “deep interventions.” By engaging with some of the biggest players in this arena, we are constantly prototyping and testing the Deep Change Model in order to expand it in new directions and better understand the nuances of scaled transformation.


ChangeLabs' partners have included entities such as the The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Research Project Agency, E.ON, Ericsson, Google, Bosch, Intel, The City of San Jose, The City of Kamaishi, Government of India, Government of Denmark, Government of New Zealand, the Rockefeller Foundation, MindLabs, ThinkPlace, and the Center for Ocean Solutions, among others.




We are continually choreographing outreach, training, and organizing events to diffuse new methodologies for widespread application and adoption. Our goal is to ensure that emerging theories, methodologies and practices around large-scale transformation reach practitioners who can take action. Some of our activities include educational programming, such as university courses, executive education modules, and workshops for innovation practitioners. 


3) Research on Systemic Change 


We are pioneering transformation methodologies, processes, heuristics, and diffusion mechanisms -- through research and project work. Our insights help social change leaders, practitioners, enablers, NGOs change agents to more effectively initiate, design, and launch large-scale transformations in accelerated time frames.