At ChangeLabs, we are undertaking a diverse set of research and industry projects.  In our ARPA-E project, we are conducting research at the intersection of innovation methodology and behavioral sciences on interventions that can influence the pattern of behavior change related to energy consumption.  In the 100L Water Project, we are generating new approaches to providing water assurance to distributed communities in India through the design of PhotoVoltaic-based pumps combined with novel financial models and evaluation methods. We are engaged in systems design involving sensor-based feedback, human-centered design, and novel business models to create interventions in the next generation of smart grid and electric vehicle systems.

Through educational experiences, we are introducing Stanford students to large-scale transformation methodologies in project-based classes. For example, “Collaborating with the Future: Innovating Large-Scale Sustainable Transformation,” a graduate-level class being offered in its second iteration, equips students with a transformation toolkit through applying the methodologies to industry projects in the areas of water, infrastructure, energy, technology future, among others. Since last year, we have doubled the number of external partners from 5 to 10 -- a diverse group of organizations, including NGOs, industry and government partners around the world -- with a specific emphasis on developing countries. Instructors include Nalini Ambady (a social and cultural neuroscientist from the Stanford Psychology Department), Baba Shiv (Professor of Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business), and Banny Banerjee (expert on innovation and co-creation from the Stanford Mechanical Engineering Department).