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ChangeLabs works with industry, governments, research institutions, philanthropic foundations, and think tanks to create platforms for scaled transformations. We use our methodology to craft new initiatives, train leaders, and embed the ChangeLabs approach into organizations. Our offerings include: 

Scaled Transformation Initiatives

Stanford ChangeLabs works closely with our partners over 6-24 month engagements to bring about scaled impact in the context of a complex challenge. ChangeLabs System Acupuncture to create intervention pathways that bring about systemic change. Some projects focus on developing strategic pathways and platforms, while others are centered on a research question. Some projects surround a challenge with multiple partners. All projects yield new models and approaches for scaled transformation. 

  • ChangeWorks™: The scale of impact of any initiative is disproportionately influenced by the way it is conceived and structured. Businesses, government agencies, and foundations tackling a complex challenge (or the formation of a new initiative) can engage ChangeLabs to define, clarify, and establish its vision, cultural DNA, strategic direction, and implementation roadmap. ChangeLabs will design and facilitate one or more directed ChangeWorks™ events, apply our co-creation and facilitation expertise, and produce the vision, frameworks, and architecture needed for scaled impact. 

Organizational Transformation

ChangeLabs works with organizational leadership and strategy groups to incorporate deep transformation into an organization’s culture, leadership models, and strategic positioning. ChangeLabs transforms an organization’s capacity for scaled innovation and strategic decision-making in the face of rapidly changing organizational realities and global challenges. Engagements range from 3-24 months. 

  • ChangeLabs Inside: Many large organizations invest in R&D, but despite the potentially massive return on investment, few invest directly in innovation that transforms the behavior of their ecosystem. Our team helps leaders replicate the function and value of ChangeLabs and the System Acupuncture inside their own organization, government, or institution. Like an R&D department, ChangeLabs becomes an internal innovation lab that continually generates adaptive solutions and guides strategic decisions. 

Advanced Innovation & Leadership Training

ChangeLabs offers a variety of 1-3 day training modules on the System Acupuncture to equip leaders with the mindsets and frameworks they need to act with creative confidence in the face of extremely complex challenges. Topics include: Design Thinking, Next-Generation Business Systems, Behavior Design, Principles of Scale, Platform Design, Design for Resilience, and Transformative Leadership. Trainings are customized to the needs and context of the partner organization. 

ChangeLabs Visiting Researcher Opportunities

ChangeLabs has a limited number of positions for experts and institutions wishing to work on their projects alongside ChangeLabs at Stanford University. To learn more, start here.

Advisory Engagements & Board Positions

Banny Banerjee, founder of ChangeLabs, as well as other ChangeLabs experts, serve in an advisory capacity to organizations and on their boards.