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Our vision is for humanity to have the capacity to achieve and sustain intergenerational wellbeing.

We believe this requires enhanced capacity in systems-based approaches to leadership, innovation, design, and collaboration — particularly in the face of large-scale, complex challenges.

We are a lab, a network, and a platform structured to design new methodologies and tools to equip global leaders and innovators with the creative confidence required to engage with scaled complex issues and emerge with actionable, system-based interventions designed for impact and sustainability.

ChangeLabs’ powerful methodology, System Acupuncture, enables the innovation of intervention pathways to challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. Our model has a theoretical basis, process architecture, a set of tools, and a philosophical structure that drives systemic transformations for multiple outcomes and time horizons. 

We drive three key objectives:

  • Advance the System Acupuncture approach - System Acupuncture is a powerful multi-faceted innovation approach for creating systemic transformation in the context of challenges that are scaled, complex, multi-dimensional, and urgent. Having developed the approach through years of research and practiced experience we will continue to advance the thinking and refine its frameworks to ensure it's effectiveness at solving contemporary complex challenges.
  • Train leaders in systems innovation and leadership - Aligned with the ethos of Stanford University, ChangeLabs operates with a deep belief in the power of learning and agency. We develop training modules and toolkits that are designed to spark a fundamental mindset change towards taking system-based perspectives in addressing complex scaled challenges. These modules heavily emphasize innovation and leadership for scaled and complex challenges.
  • Align global interest for system-based innovation - The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) poses a challenge of unprecedented scale and complexity. We are working on initiatives to help decision makers to strategically shape and support the SDGs. We are also working with groups at local and community levels to locate themselves in this global narrative and help scale their innovation capacity to reach a global audience.



We want to see leaders from the private, public, and hybrid sectors become architects of systemic transformation - boldly leveraging resources in novel ways to achieve positive social, ecological, and economic outcomes in the face of highly dynamic global challenges.

  • We partner with organizations to launch transformative, large-scale projects.
  • We train current and future leaders on systems thinking and systems leadership.
  • We carry out research to advance methodologies for driving large-scale systems change.


Watch our welcome video to learn more: